People, towns, businesses, farms and gardens all grow in Michigan soil.

Blooms in the Heart of Lansing

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This is the Heritage Rose from David Austin. Photo by Rexness.

This is the Heritage Rose from David Austin. Photo by Rexness.

Cooley Gardens is tucked into downtown Lansing at 225 West Main, near the corner of Capital.

The flower gardens are a series of rooms with trimmed hedge borders that cover more than an acre. The formality of the edging encloses explosions of color. The planting includes peonies, sedges, roses, conifers, flowering trees, and several rare plants. Spring brings the minor bulbs. The peonies arrive in May. Roses steal the show from June through September.

There are serene views of conifers showing off the variety of green.

You are free to wander the paths, note the plant combinations, and sit in the shade of the pavilion.

The grounds are lovingly tended by volunteers. If you are interested in learning and volunteering at Cooley Gardens, contact Ray Mon at

The original garden was a gift from Eugene F. Cooley, one of the co-founders of the Olds Motor Vehicle Company (later renamed Old Motor Company). This Lansing treasure is well-known locally and well worth the ride to visit. The gardens are open all year and there is no charge for admission.

You can admire the photos, learn about scheduled events, and keep in touch on their Facebook page.


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