People, towns, businesses, farms and gardens all grow in Michigan soil.

Michigan Supports Project BudBurst

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Michigan is home to plenty of gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Here is an interesting and easy way to expand your interest in plants to helping advance horticulture science. Project BudBurst is about regular people (citizen scientists) reporting the first leaf, first flower, first fall color and more about the plants in their area. Participants choose which plant(s) they will follow. The time involved is minimal, but the increase in personal “plant awareness” is phenomenal.

Which plants interest you?

• Urban canopy trees
• National Park Plants
• Wildlife Refuge Plants
• The plants growing in your yard and neighborhood.

Sign up anytime, starting now, at the website. You will be an important part of effort to learn more about our environment. Your “report” is quickly filed online and you can “see” and click on your plant site on the map of the US survey results. The map is a great way for you to compare your findings with other citizen scientists in the area.

There are also BudBurst classes for teachers to take. Teachers can register for the first of the winter session offered by the NEON Citizen Science Academy. There are two courses this winter (listed below) and more to come. All courses are geared towards K-12 teachers.
Register at
Questions? Email:

Classes for Teachers Details

Intro to Project BudBurst for Educators
Learn how to use Project BudBurst in your educational setting. Register now for class meeting Jan 29 – Feb 27. Register in February for class meeting Mar 26 – Apr 24.

How to use Project BudBurst Data in the Classroom
Learn about the National Geographic FieldScope data visualization tools. Register now for class meeting Jan 29 – Feb 27. Register in February for class meeting Mar 26 – Apr 24.


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