People, towns, businesses, farms and gardens all grow in Michigan soil.

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We Support Art

Government-sponsored poster supporting artists in Michigan


Michigan has a history of supporting art and artists. Between 1936 and 1941, Michigan was part of a national effort to inspire people to support local artists. Today, there are associations, guilds, galleries, and not-for-profit agencies that work to build interest in the efforts of Michigan artisans.

Michigan is a haven for artistic souls. It may stem from the beauty surrounding us, or the human need for meditation and tranquility.

Artists can be playwrights and actors, painters, animators, dancers and choreographers, sculptors, flower arrangers and garden designers, musicians and conductors, carvers, textile artists, singers and songwriters, potters and ceramicists, glass blowers, novelists and poets, jewelry designers, photographers, and anyone who creates an aesthetic outcome using their skill and imagination.

We are collectors. We fill our walls, cabinets, bookshelves, and yards with the art we have gathered.

In these difficult times, when we think of buying local, let’s remember the artists who are our friends, neighbors, and family.

Pure Michigan maintains a list of galleries (in alphabetical order) throughout the State.